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Power outages

We're committed to restoring your service as soon as possible


Report an outage

Report or find out about outage or damage :

24-hour service
1 -800 -790-2424

Grid status

    ˲ Service status by region

    View list of outages and service interruptions.

    ˲Outage list ˲Newsroom

    ˲ Difference between a power outage and a scheduled interruption

    Outages are unexpected. Scheduled interruptions are intentional interruptions of service for a set period of time to ensure both worker and public safety…

    Learn more about power outages

    Be prepared for a power outage

    Here’s what to do before, during and after an outage.

    Understanding and preventing outages

    How to interpret an outage situation and sometimes avoid it.

    With next-generation meters Hydro-Québec detects outages in real time.

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