Elementary – Cycle 3

00Watt toolkit

Join the investigation!

With the help of Inspector 00Watt and his toolkit full of scientific investigations, games and experiments, show your students how they can become energy efficiency ambassadors.

This project, spread over five weeks,*helps students

  • learn how hydroelectricity is generated
  • understand how much energy we consume
  • find ways to avoid wasting energy

*Plan about 2 hours of activities per week.

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The 00Watt Classroom Toolkit uses a playful, interactive approach that meets the objectives of the MELSQ's Québec Education Program.

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Comic strips

Electricity Timeline Slideshow

Energy is Neither Created Nor Destroyed film

Teacher’s Guide

Letter to Parents

Student Assessment Tool

  • Tests and answer sheets available on USB key in the tool kit case.

Digital Games

For an optimal gaming experience, use recent versions of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. Copy hydroquebec.com/teachers in the browser you choose.

See what's in the toolkit

  • 00Watt Classroom Toolkit
    One light and easy-to-handle case containing all the material needed for 26 activities. The Teacher’s Guide and an Activity Book for each student are included.
  • Inspector 00Watt and Terawattus energivorus
    Costumes for the three role-playing exercises.

  • Experiment demonstrating the driving force of water
    By creating different drop heights, youngsters discover the phenomenon of water?s driving force, then study how a hydroelectric generating station works.
  • An Adventure Right down the Line! digital game
    Terawattus contaminated the electrical system and there is no power! Students will discover the different elements that make up a hydroelectric system and place them in order from generation to consumption. Finally, they must answer the Who am I? questions to reactivate the system.
  • Energy consumption investigation
    Youngsters investigate their own energy consumption (and their family's) in various everyday situations. Thermometers in hand, they gather information for analysis.

  • Wattmeter experiment
    Students measure and compare the energy consumption of various electrical appliances and become familiar with the notion of energy-wise vs. power-hungry appliances.
  • Game: Mystery objects
    Youngsters learn about a variety of energy-saving products by playing an electronic memory game.
  • Electricity quiz
    Students create a quiz as an introduction to electrical connections. The theme is the environmental consequences of using batteries.
  • The ENERGY-WISE Squad digital game
    Students are in a control centre to find out where energy is wasted in five rooms of a home. They must also find the energy-saving actions contaminated by Terawattus Energivorus.

We thank Mrs. Sylvie Rhéaume, from Collège Sainte-Marcelline, and Mr. Nicolas St-Cyr, from École Saint-Ambroise, as well as their students from the sixth grade for participating in the photo shoots.