Elementary - Cycle 3

The Eco-Energy Squad

An Eco-Energy Experience

Designed for grade 5 and 6 students, the E2 Educational Kit is a fun-filled tool that will help children understand the environmental issues related to power consumption.

On the program:

Five exciting activities to get your students thinking about energy and the environment in the company of Elliott Evans and Emma Erwin, two friendly cartoon characters.

Our kit will help you teach your class about environmental issues related to power consumption. It includes a teacher’s guide, a DVD with six videos, a student workbook, a board game and lots more!

Playing the part of cub reporters, students will conduct a series of investigations that give them a chance to explore the role of energy in their lives. While having fun, they’ll learn that using energy has a significant impact on the environment and discover the importance of saving resources. They’ll also learn about the many ways electricity is generated around the world.

Kit contents:

  • A board game
  • A quiz
  • A DVD with videos
  • A student workbook
  • A teacher's guide

Cost: Free!