Guest speakers from Hydro-Québec

Invite a guest speaker from Hydro-Québec!

Our experts, who have an exceptional understanding of energy the environment and sustainable development, are available to give presentations and speak whith students.

Each presentation is adapted according to the professor’s needs students’ level of knowledge (undergraduate or graduate) and program of study.

Our experts can address many subjects, including:

  • Environment at Hydro-Québec: approach, summary of activities, studies and follow-ups
  • Social impact assessments for hydropower projects
  • The Romaine hydroelectric complex and the environment
  • Comparison of different generation options (life cycle assessment, environmental impacts, renewability, greenhouse gas emissions, energy performance)
  • Electricity in Québec and how it fits into the North American context
  • Reservoirs and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Environmental management at Hydro-Québec (implementation of environmental management systems, environmental performance)
  • Managing sustainable development at Hydro-Québec (internal and external reporting, corporate social responsibility, implementation of a process)
  • Issues related to species at risk or biodiversity

Level: undergraduate or graduate

Technical information

  • Presentations generally last 90 minutes.
  • Students are encouraged to discuss topics with the speakers.
  • Presentation are in PowerPoint format.
  • Talks may be given in French or English.
  • Material: the educational institution must supply a computer, a projector and a screen.
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