Contest for elementary and high school teachers

The 2012–2013 edition of the Take Your Class on an Electric Trip contest closed last spring. Ten teachers will receive up to $1,000 to cover their school's transport expenses for a visit to the Électrium, Hydro-Québec's electricity interpretation centre or to one of the hydroelectric generation stations that are open to the public.

Here are the winners of the Take Your Class on an Electric Trip contest:

  • Dehbia Ouldikaci, from Terrebonne
  • Nicolas Lefebvre, from Pierrefonds
  • Brigitte Tremblay, from Montréal
  • Suzie Boulet, from Shefford
  • Caroline Martin, from Varennes
  • Brigitte Morneau, from Lorraine
  • Nathalie Morel, from Anjou
  • Marc Bérubé, from Gatineau
  • Érika Sanborn, from Dunham
  • Gilles Moderie, from Sainte-Thérèse

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