Pierre-Le Gardeur substation located in the Lachenaie sector of Terrebonne.

To meet the growing demand for electricity in the regional county municipalities of L’Assomption and des Moulins, Hydro-Québec planned to build Pierre-Le Gardeur substation in the Lachenaie sector of Terrebonne. The construction of this 315/120-kV source substion (which supplies the distribution system) has been completed and commercial commissioning took place in December 2104.

Customers in southern Lanaudière are served by Repentigny, Terrebonne, Mascouche, Saint-Sulpice and L’Assomption substations. Many of these are satellite substations. These satellite substations (distribution substation), which are currently supplied by a 120-kV line from Duvernay substation in Laval, will gradually be supplied by Pierre-Le Gardeur substation, reducing pressure on Duvernay substation, which is at full capacity.

Pierre-Le Gardeur substation will meet growth in demand in the area for many years to come.

Along with Lachenaie substation, which was commissioned in 2013 and for which a third transformer is already planned for 2016, this project is part of the plan to develop the transmission system in the northeastern metropolitan Montréal area.