Continuous dialogue

Hydro-Québec wishes to develop this project in collaboration with the communities concerned. The public is invited to speak with the project team during public participation activities. The team will collect comments from participants in order to better adapt the project to its environment.

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Partnering with communities

To help this project fit in with the urban development vision of its municipal partners, Hydro-Québec wishes to support possible greening and sustainable mobility initiatives along the line right-of-way. The objective is to create a corridor of biodiversity, connectivity and sustainable mobility. The feasibility of any these initiatives must take the specific needs and constraints of the surrounding environment into account.

Collaboration methods

Hydro-Québec will establish an approach with each of its municipal partners to enable the integration of sustainable mobility and greening initiatives with the electrical system upgrade project between the Aqueduc and Saraguay substations.

This approach may take the form of public information sessions, coordinating committees, working committees or other mechanisms to be determined with municipal entities and community groups.

A regional monitoring committee made up of various community players will also be set up to track the project’s progress.

Greening and sustainable mobility initiatives

Hydro-Québec, its municipal partners and environmental groups will decide on greening and sustainable mobility initiatives to implement on the right-of-way between Aqueduc and Saraguay substations. Other measures could also be added to enhance the project.

Here are three proposed initiatives.

Saint-Laurent biodiversity corridor

The borough of Saint-Laurent’s biodiversity corridor project (called Vert-de-gris), now in the planning stage, is a good illustration of the type of work that can be done on power line rights-of-way.

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Green link in LaSalle

The green link project in the LaSalle borough is another type of initiative that is compatible with the operation of a transmission line.

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LaSalle: un lien vert en 2021 (in French only)

Multi-use landcaping in the Charland–Fleury transmission line right-of-way

Hydro-Québec worked in collaboration with the organization Ville en vert to create multi-use landscaping in the Charland–Fleury transmission line right-of-way, in the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville. This type of space provides neighboring citizens with a green space while promoting mobility between Saint-Denis and Saint-Hubert streets. It inclues paths, a community garden as well as 115 trees, 600 shrubs and 700 perennials, including climbing plants that are compatible with the safe operation of the high-voltage transmission system. The landscaping allows for long-term harmonious coexistence of vegetation and the power system, helping the line integrate into its environment.

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