Learn about our main areas of research

Our battery materials R&D team is developing some of the world’s most advanced technologies to meet the need for electrochemical cells combining performance, affordability, high energy density and safety.

Here are a few of our research areas:

Our search for winning solutions often leads us off the beaten path and into the exploration of other battery materials and manufacturing methods.

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Practical applications

Electric transportation for a sustainable future

At the Center of Excellence, we’re proud to contribute to innovations that will accelerate sustainable transportation—a key element in responding to planetary environmental challenges while driving the world economy.

Through research and innovation, the Center is furthering the development of affordable electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles with better range and improved safety.

Energy storage for tomorrow

The Center of Excellence is using its expertise to find a balance between safety, affordability, capacity and cycling for a variety of applications:

  • Large-scale energy storage systems
  • Generating station and substation batteries
  • Electronic devices
  • Power tools

A recent discovery: Photo-rechargeable batteries

“One of our recent studies showed that the cathode of a lithium-ion battery can be made photosensitive using a dye that captures light. Our team was able to replicate the battery-charging process using light as the energy source.”

Andrea Paolella Researcher at the Center of Excellence in Transportation Electrification and Energy Storage