Hydro-Québec prepares for the arrival of a revolutionary solid-state battery

Our major breakthrough involving ultrathin lithium anodes and remarkable advances in polymer technology have positioned Hydro-Québec as a world leader in the development of solid-electrolyte batteries.

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Ultrathin lithium metal anode

We are currently developing an ultrathin lithium metal anode—the only one of its kind in the world.

This advanced technology can be used in conjunction with solid-state batteries developed by Hydro-Québec, as well as in the design of batteries currently on the market.

The unique and extraordinary feature of ultrathin lithium anode technology is unparalleled performance. It can also be adapted to different cathode materials and significantly reduces production costs.

Relying on our own innovations to rethink tomorrow’s transport solutions

Solid polymer electrolyte

The solid polymer is a main component in this new generation of batteries. The solid electrolyte placed between the anode and cathode significantly decreases the weight of battery cells, which in turn increases energy and creates a particularly safe battery.

Solid-state lithium metal batteries promise to be a next important technology milestone, having a very high energy density, are long lasting and very light. In addition, the technology is considered a much safer alternative because it does not rely on flammable liquid electrolytes.

Solid-state technology adapted to market needs

We are in a position to offer personalized solutions thanks to our capacity to adapt the technology to market needs. Most car manufacturers plan to use different battery chemistries in the coming years to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, and solid-state batteries promise to lead the industry into the future.

Our manufacturing processes will penetrate the automobile market for manufacturers planning to incorporate battery cell production into their industrial production lines. They will also help battery cell manufacturers maintain their technological edge while decreasing production costs.

We are continually optimizing three generations of solid-state batteries and should be ready to meet the needs of the new market by 2025–2027.

Chisu Kim

Director – Research and Strategy

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Patrick Bouchard

Manager – Expertise and Performance (anodes, lithium process and recycling)

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Win-win partnerships: better together!

The Center of Excellence brings together some of the most experienced researchers in the world, helping to ensure accelerated progress within our various projects.

We also work with a number of research partners who share our passion for solid-state batteries. By showcasing complementary expertise at the Center of Excellence, we will reach our goal to market the world’s best solid-state battery.

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