Do you have any questions about the proposed Micoua–Saguenay line?

What is involved in planning line construction work?

Video: Planning line construction [In French only]

Rencontrez René Marcouiller, chargé d’équipe – Planification et estimation, qui explique comment Hydro-Québec planifie les travaux de construction d’une ligne de transport d’électricité. (In French only)

Duration : 2 minutes 36 seconds

What are the steps involved in building an power transmission line?

See the stages involved in building a transmission line

How do electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) impact health?

Electric and magnetic fields have been the subject of a great many scientific studies over the last 40 years.

Although the health impacts of EMFs have never been confirmed, Hydro-Québec is committed to remaining vigilant and prudent with respect to EMFs and their possible health effects.

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