Any personal information held by a public body regarding an individual must be protected from any type of inappropriate use.

Hydro-Québec does its utmost to guarantee to its employees, customers and suppliers that the personal information they provide to it will be kept confidential under the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information (also called the Access Act).

Basic principles governing the protection of personal information

Here is a summary of the provisions of the Access Act that protect personal information of a confidential nature held by public bodies:

Hydro-Québec shall collect regarding its employees or customers only the personal information required for its operations. This rule is imperative, and the company may not deviate from it.

Hydro-Québec shall keep the personal information it holds in such a way as to ensure its confidentiality. Only those persons who are authorized to consult such information shall have access to it in the discharge of their duties.

Communication to third parties
Personal information that is confidential shall not be disclosed to a third party without the consent of the person it concerns. This consent shall be free, clear and informed. It shall be given for specific purposes and for a limited period.

No communication of address lists
Hydro-Québec does not disclose any customer address lists. Such disclosure would contravene the provisions on protection of personal information in the Access Act.

Access to your customer file

As a Hydro-Québec customer, you have the right to consult your file and to know what information Hydro-Québec has about you.

If you are the holder of an electricity account, you may obtain information on this account by telephoning the Customer Services number on your Hydro-Québec bill during business hours. After checking your identity, a Hydro-Québec representative will answer your questions.

You can also obtain information on your electricity account online by signing in to your Customer Space.

Your confidential information may be disclosed only to you, unless you agree to make it accessible to a third party or an exception is provided under the Access Act.