Technological Innovation

Innovation Avenues

Every innovation project supports Hydro-Québec's main strategic orientations. The impact of these projects is measured in costs avoided, additional electricity sales, productivity gains or deferred investments.

Energy efficiency

Our teams from the energy technology laboratory (LTE) use their expertise to support Hydro-Québec’s objectives in terms of energy efficiency, by adapting or developing new technological solutions.

Facility Inspection and Maintenance

We help devise innovative maintenance strategies. Our staff develops technologically advanced robotic tools to perform inspection and maintenance work in hostile environments and hard-to-reach locations.

Inflow Forecasting and Electricity Production

We help Hydro-Québec make decisions about the optimal use of water resources in its hydroelectric facilities. Our team develops models and methods to improve the short-, medium- and long-term forecasting of natural inflow. Our work aims to better determine and quantify the uncertainty inherent in such forecasts.

Land Transportation Electrification

We actively contribute to finding solutions so electricity can be used in both personal and public transportation. Our teams are conducting extensive work on developing advanced materials for lithium-ion batteries designed for all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Reliability and Long-Term Operability of Facilities

We work to improve the reliability, performance and long-term operability of Hydro-Québec generating, transmission and distribution facilities. Our innovations help enhance productivity and achieve major savings.

Renewables and Climate Change

We support Hydro-Québec in its commitment towards sustainable development. Our personnel works at integrating wind power into the transmission system. They are also exploring emerging renewable energy sources like hydrokinetic and salinity gradient energy. In addition, their studies cover the impacts of the various areas of corporate activity on climate change.

The smart grid

We are at the heart of defining Hydro-Québec’s future grid. Our staff collaborates with Hydro-Québec divisions, industry partners, universities and other organizations to progressively transform the existing power system into an increasingly smart grid.

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