Technological Innovation

Hydro-Québec’s research institute, IREQ

Hydro-Québec is the only electric utility in North America to have a research centre the size of IREQ. The company invests a yearly average of $100 million in its innovation projects.

The IREQ team is made up of approximately 500 people: a broad range of scientists, technicians, engineers and specialists pool their efforts and expertise to support Hydro-Québec in every facet of its operations, from electricity generation to consumption.

Their efforts make it possible to:

  • Extend the service life of facilities
  • Boost performance
  • Optimize maintenance
  • Support energy efficiency programs and improve customer service

Hydro-Québec's research institute carries out activities at two facilities:

Varennes Research and Testing Laboratories
1800, boul. Lionel-Boulet, Varennes (Québec),
Canada J3X 1S1
Telephone: (450) 652-8011
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Shawinigan Energy Technologiy Laboratory
600, avenue de la Montagne, Shawinigan (Québec),
Canada G9N 7N5
Telephone: (819) 539-1400
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