Technological Innovation


  • IREQ: Knowledge and Energy

    Technological innovation plays a key role at Hydro-Québec. The work of its research institute (IREQ) keeps Hydro-Québec on the cutting edge of the industry, while at the same time innovating in new fields. Discover the research institute: its expertise, facilities and areas of interest. Discover a world of knowledge and energy.

  • Advanced Battery Materials

    Hydro-Québec’s research institute (IREQ) has developed extensive expertise in lithium-ion battery materials. These materials, which are environmentally friendlier than conventional ones, also have a number of safety and performance benefits. Discover the research institute’s technological advances.

  • The LTE: Improving Energy Efficiency Through Innovation

    The experts at the Hydro-Québec research institute’s energy technologies laboratory, LTE, are working on some 100 research projects in a broad range of areas, including energy efficiency, energy use optimization, renewable energy and ground transportation electrification. Discover the LTE’s innovative energy efficiency projects.

  • Expert View: Michel Dostie from the LTE

    Michel Dostie shares his experience as Manager – LTE and End-Use Technologies. Discover how the energy technologies laboratory helps Hydro-Québec’s customers improve their energy efficiency.

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