Investor Relations

Hydro–Québec issues debentures to meet its financing needs.

Hydro–Québec’s borrowings, which consist mostly of debentures and medium-term notes, are nearly all guaranteed by the Québec government.

Its sole shareholder is the Québec government.

The Investor Relations (IR) program

Since its beginnings in 1980, the IR program has allowed Hydro–Québec to:

  • Inform institutional investors ,
    rating agencies and its financial partners on its strategies and financial results.
  • Maintain a climate of trust and dialogue on targeted financial markets.
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Frequently asked questions

Frequent questions and answers about
Hydro–Québec’s debt.

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Recent issues

Details on current and previous year debentures and medium‑term notes.

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IR kit

Company publications, financial documentation and investor presentations.

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IR Newsletter

The IR Newsletter is an electronic bulletin that informs you about Hydro-Québec’s major financial news.



For any question regarding Hydro-Québec's financing, contact the IR team.

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