Voice assistants: A new way of helping you

Did you know that Hydro-Québec information is available from most voice assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home? They can you talk to you about a variety of topics: what to do in case of a power outage, why rates vary from year to year, and more. Information has never been easier to get.

Amazon’s Alexa

Alexa is a voice-activated virtual assistant you can ask to do something for you or answer a question. Alexa is available on all Amazon devices, including the full Echo range. Alexa users can now download the Hydro-Québec skill from Alexa Skills on Amazon.

A skill is an application developed by an editor that is made available to users through the Alexa Skills Store on Amazon.

Want to find out more about Hydro-Québec? Ask Alexa.

Hydro-Québec has made a skill available to answer many of your questions.

A skill that keeps improving

We’re working hard to improve the skill and offer you even more great ways to interact with Hydro-Québec. Stay tuned for updates!

  • “Alexa, ask Hydro-Québec some tips on saving energy.” Answer to the question about consumption

    I love savings too. I suggest lowering the temperature by three degrees Celsius when you go out. Would you like to know how much you could save?

  • “Alexa, ask Hydro-Québec if I can pay my bill with my credit card.” Answer about credit card payment

    Hydro-Québec doesn’t accept credit card payments because of the fees charged by credit card companies. Want to find out more?

Google Home

Google Home is a voice-activated virtual assistant that can do all kinds of things, including finding answers to your questions. You can ask it to tell you about Hydro-Québec. It’s as easy as that.

  • “Ok Google, what’s the phone number for Hydro-Québec customer services?”