The energy transition

The energy transition, by and for Quebecers

We're putting all our energy behind it!

Helping Québec attain its carbon neutrality goal by 2050 calls for an ambitious game plan. A plan to rethink how energy is used and how we can generate more clean electricity.

The Action Plan’s five priorities

Consult the Action Plan  [PDF 229 KB]
  1. Improve service quality.

    Increase our investments in the power grid to offer our customers reliable, high-quality service at an affordable price.

  2. Help our customers make better use of electricity.

    Innovate to encourage our customers to treat electricity as a valuable resource that should be used wisely.

  3. Increase our power generation capacity.

    Identify and launch the best projects that will enable us to generate more electricity to support Québec’s ambitions and remain open to all options available to us.

  4. Partner with Indigenous communities.

    Work towards economic reconciliation with First Nations and Inuit, in collaboration with the Québec government.

  5. Become an agile, innovative and transparent organization.

    Transform our ways of doing things to better meet our customers’ needs and support Québec’s decarbonization and economic prosperity.

What is the energy transition?

The term “energy transition” refers to the full set of measures taken to Québec and curtail global warming. The challenge, which is considerable, involves gradually replacing polluting energy sources like oil and coal with clean and renewable energy sources like hydroelectricity, wind or solar. Electricity has never been more precious.

So long, fossil fuels!

Over half the energy used in Québec comes from fossil fuels. To free ourselves from this dependency and reduce the responsible for climate change, we will need to produce more clean electricity while using it wisely.

Using our electricity to decarbonize Québec

To further electrify transportation or business-related activities, for example, we’ll need to quickly increase the amount of clean electricity we generate and use it more wisely, since our current won’t be able to meet the growing demand.

The energy and economic transition

By investing in clean electricity, we’re building a sustainable economy that creates new jobs. We’re also creating the conditions needed to secure access to affordable electricity. At the end of the day, the transition benefits every Quebecer.

Clean electricity exports: A definite advantage

Exporting electricity helps generate foreseeable income in addition to helping our neighbors reduce their GHG emissions. The new export lines will also make it possible to import clean electricity during winter consumption peaks.

Between 150 and 200 additional TWh—that’s the amount of electricity Québec will need for its energy transition to succeed. That’s almost two times our current capacity. To get there, we’ll need to generate more clean electricity while using it wisely.

The energy transition: A major collective effort

A successful energy transition also means changing how we use our electricity. By optimizing our energy use in our homes and businesses, we can meet more than 10% of Québec’s new energy needs. Not only will this limit the number of new projects needed, but it will also make full use of the energy currently generated.

Doing your share and saving

On the home front, every action counts. Tools like Hilo and dynamic pricing make it easy to use less energy (and lower your bill!) without sacrificing comfort.

See our solutions

Companies are moving into action

In 2022, our tailored solutions generated big energy savings for hundreds of companies—savings amounting to the energy it would take to supply 23,000 homes for an entire year!

Making the most of technology

Our expertise keeps us at the fore of innovation, enabling us to develop groundbreaking projects like our smart grid that minimizes energy waste.

Energy efficiency alone won’t be enough. We also need to generate more clean electricity.

Let’s take on the energy transition challenge together.

As a world leader in renewable energy and the largest producer of hydroelectricity in North America, Hydro‑Québec is a key player in the energy transition. To generate greater quantities of clean electricity, we are modernizing our existing hydropower stations to increase their output. We’re also hastening to implement new projects, working closely with local communities.

Combined with our energy efficiency and peak demand management efforts, our future our major projects will be supplied by an energy mix that includes:

Wind power

New wind farms will take advantage of the energy generated by the wind. As an intermittent renewable, this generating option is a good complement for hydroelectricity.

Solar power

More solar parks and panels will transform sunlight into a truly clean energy source that, although intermittent in nature, although intermittent in nature, can complement our other methods of electricity generation.


Electricity generated by the power of water is an energy that is renewable, reliable and consistent. Optimizing the output of our existing generating stations, innovating with new technologies like pumped-storage facilities, and building new facilities will be essential.

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