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Bimonthly bill

Billing date: dd mm yyyy

Period covered by the bill.


For Residential Customers, the following rates apply:
  • Rate D applies to the majority of Residential Customers.
  • Rate DM applies to customers of apartment buildings having chosen bulk metering rather than separate metering.
  • Rate DT applies to homes with dual-energy systems.

Fixed charge

A fixed charge that you pay for the service itself, apart from any consumption. This amount is calculated on a daily basis according to the number of days of consumption in the billing period.


Total energy consumption during the billing period (in kWh).

First XX kWh per day

In the example, the total of 1,890 kWh is calculated as follows: first 30 kWh consumed each day × 63 days (billing period)

Rest of consumption

Energy consumed in addition to the first 30 kWh per day. Here’s how this bill was calculated:5,000 kWh (from Consumption line) – 1,890 (from First XX kWh per day line) = 3,110 kWh)

Amount due by dd mm yyyy

Amount due and date by which you must pay to avoid administration charges. Be sure to allow sufficient time for electronic, bank or postal processing. Your bill is considered to be paid on the date we receive payment.

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