Confidentiality, privacy and security

Use of personal information

In order to enjoy Hydro-Québec's personal Online Services, you have to supply some identifying information. Without such information, we cannot provide the services.

Any personal information that Hydro-Québec collects through its Web site in the course of doing business, including providing services related to supplying electricity, running a contest or a promotion, providing a subscription to an e-newsletter or allowing you to submit comments or questions, will be used solely by authorized staff for the purposes for which it is collected.

All personal information will be handled in a confidential manner in compliance with the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information (R.S.Q., c. A-2.1). Access to your file will be restricted to duly authorized staff.

You are responsible for keeping your access code, password and secret answer confidential.

Disclosure of personal information to a third party

Hydro-Québec will not disclose your personal information unless so required by law or ordered by a court of law, or when having a contract performed by a third party, in which case, confidentiality clauses will ensure the protection of your personal information.

Obtaining your file

Under the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information (R.S.Q., c. A-2.1), you have the right to obtain your file and request that it be corrected if the personal information it contains is inaccurate, incomplete or equivocal, or if the collection, release or keeping of the information is not authorized by law.

Security of online transactions

The 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol is the most secure protocol currently supported by Web browsers. Once the connection is established, all the information you send us is automatically encrypted. A special icon (usually a padlock) in your browser indicates that the session is in encryption mode, thereby guaranteeing the confidentiality of your information. Our data network architecture also includes firewalls to prevent unauthorized access.