Policy regarding cookies

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or mobile device. They contain information about the browser you use and the pages you have visited. You can turn cookies on or off from your browser at any time.

To manage cookies in a specific browser, consult the following pages:

You can also manage cookies by changing your smart phone parameters:

What are cookies for?

Cookies are frequently used by websites to perform different functions; they have a variety of roles.

Functional cookies (mandatory)

The Hydro-Québec website uses functionality cookies to operate properly. That is why they cannot be deleted.

They allow you to:

  • Use the main functionality of the website and secure your connection (e.g., when accessing your account)
  • Access areas that are restricted or contain personal information, such as your account, using usernames or data you provided in the past, and display those pages correctly
  • Benefit from security measures, such requiring you to log in again if you have not accessed certain contents or services for a predetermined period of time

We collect the following information:

  • Browser language
  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system type and version
  • Device type and model (phone, tablet or computer)
  • Device screen resolution.

See the content of functional cookies

Cookie name Uses
Browsing history
Displays your path through the website (breadcrumb trail) to make browsing easier.
Latest news (django_language,sessionid) Displays the most recent articles in the newsroom.
Cookie consent (HQ_consent, HQ_consent_stats, HQ_consent_pub) Turns on or off the collection of browsing data and transfer of the data to statistical or advertising platforms.

Statistical cookies

We use statistical cookies to understand how our websites are used and perform, develop usage statistics and determine visit volumes and usage of the various parts of our sites (subjects and content consulted, links clicked). This allows us to make our online services more relevant and user friendly to better meet your needs.

We collect the following information:

  • IP address
  • Geographical location (from your IP address)
  • Internet service provider
  • Day and start and end times of your visit
  • Domain of your previously visited site
  • URL addresses and titles of Hydro-Québec pages you visit
  • Activities on Hydro-Québec sites (e.g., clicks and screen scrolling)
  • Starting point of your visit (e.g., banner, email, social media or advertiser website)
  • Customer type (e.g., individual, group or organization)
  • Customer category (e.g., residential or business)
  • Status of your registration to our online self-service features (e.g., Online Billing or Equalized Payments Plan)
  • Number of contracts associated with your account (one or many)
  • Searches you perform with our website search tool

See the content of statistical cookies

Cookie name Uses
Google Analytics

Analyzes the use of our website so we can improve it.

You can install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on on all websites you visit.

(__cfduid, name generated randomly )
Randomly displays a user satisfaction survey to users who have not yet completed it.

Advertising cookies

We allow selected third parties to set cookies to determine your areas of interest.These cookies allow us to adapt our advertising messages based on your interests, in light of the sections of our website you visited most recently. To find out more about interest-based advertising or to refuse ads from businesses participating in the AdChoices program, visit the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada’s website.

This practice applies solely to your navigation of our informational webpages and EXCLUDES navigation in your Customer Space.

These cookies allow us to:

  • Adapt the contents of the advertising spaces we display on your device based on the personal data you have provided to us
  • Offer you personalized advice and offers based on the site you came from (e.g., a partner site)
  • Adapt our advertising spaces to your device’s display characteristics (e.g., language, display resolution and operating system)
  • Adapt the contents of advertising spaces we display on your device based on the navigation history of your device on our site
  • Adapt the contents of the advertising spaces we display on your device based your location data

See the content of advertising cookies

Cookie name Uses
Google Analytics Advertising Features

Displays ads from third-party websites based on your use of our services.

You can install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on on all websites you visit.

DoubleClick Floodlight

Displays ads from third-party websites using Google Marketing Platform based on your use of our website.

You can turn off advertising cookies on Google or opt out of interest-based advertising by participating advertisers on all websites you visit.


Displays advertising from Facebook based on your use of our website.

You can change your Facebook account’s advertising parameters to determine which ads you see.