To provide you with a secure and optimal experience, we regularly update our mobile app to ensure it’s state-of-the-art. This page lists the browsers and mobile operating systems supported by Hydro‑Québec’s digital platforms. These free browsers are quick and easy to install on your device.

  • The list is updated four times per year.
  • We recommend that you regularly update your browser and operating system in order to optimize your experience and browsing on our web pages and applications.
  • The list of officially supported operating systems and browsers is prepared based on usage statistics for our websites obtained using the Google Analytics tool.

Compatibility with our web platforms

Fully supported

  • Google Chrome, version 107 or later Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and iPadOS
  • Microsoft Edge, version 107 or later Windows
  • Mozilla Firefox, version 107 or later macOS and Windows
  • Safari, version 15 or later macOS, iOS and iPadOS

Partially supported*

  • Google Chrome, versions 91 to 106 macOS and Windows
  • Microsoft Edge, versions 91 to 106 Windows
  • Mozilla Firefox, versions 88 to 106 macOS and Windows
  • Safari, versions 12 and 14 macOS, iOS and iPadOS

Not supported

  • Internet Explorer macOS and Windows

Compatibility with Hydro-Québec's mobile app

Fully supported

  • Smartphones and Android tablets Android 10 or later version
  • iPhone and iPad iOS and iPadOS 15 or later version

Partially supported*

  • Smartphones and Android Tablets Android 8 and 9
  • iPhone and iPad iOS and iPadOS 14

* Some display or navigation problems or other intermittent anomalies may occur.