Our Strategic Plan guides and informs our every action. Updated every four years, it helps us keep sight of our priorities.

The Plan centres on four main objectives:

  • Laying the groundwork to double our revenue over the next 15 years so as to increase profits
  • Being a benchmark in customer service
  • Contributing to Québec’s economic development and energy transition (particularly transportation electrification)
  • Keeping rate increases lower than or equal to the rate of inflation

Video: Introducing Hydro-Québec’s Strategic Plan 2016–2020 [in French]

Éric Martel, Hydro-Québec’s President and Chief Executive Officer, outlines the Strategic Plan 2016–2020 underscoring today’s priorities and challenges.

Video: Strategic Plan 2016–2020
Improving customer service [in French]

  • Enhancing the performance of our customer relations centres by making our services more accessible: extending the business hours of our customer relations centres and offering the option of reaching us through a variety of digital platforms.
  • Estimating service connection lead times more accurately.
  • Launching new energy efficiency initiatives and maintaining progress to date.
  • Fostering transportation electrification.

Video: Strategic Plan 2016–2020
Communicating proactively [in French]

  • Better informing and interacting with our customers through direct, authentic communications and optimized digital communications.
  • Favouring a personable communication approach based on authenticity and attentive listening while providing the right information on a timely basis.
  • Boosting our activity across Québec and answering information requests in compliance with our commitment to transparency.

Video: Strategic Plan 2016–2020
Improving productivity [in French]

  • Optimizing our use of information and communication technologies.
  • Making new energy purchases based on Québec’s electricity needs.
  • Adjusting our goods and services procurement practices to create more value.
  • Banking on employee performance and engagement.

Video: Strategic Plan 2016–2020 Developing new growth avenues [in French]

  • Increasing our exports.
  • Acquiring assets or stakes outside Québec.
  • Commercializing our innovations.
  • Increasing the capacity of our generating fleet.