Mission accomplished!

On Saturday, June 16, 2,000 km and 74 days after leaving Natashquan, Caroline Côté arrived in Montréal to the cheers and delight of a large crowd that came to welcome her following her impressive feat.

Early in the morning and under a hot summer sun, Caroline left Varennes substation, 42 km from the finish line (the length of a marathon!). Despite some foot injuries and fatigue following her two-month expedition, the adventurer found the energy she needed to rise to the last challenge of her journey.

After three hours of running, Caroline arrived in Longueuil, passing in front of her parents’ home, where the whole family was waiting for her. It was an emotional reunion! After another few kilometres, this time running with her mother Angéline and her sister Ariane, Caroline reached the foot of Pont Jacques-Cartier, where she saw Montréal for the first time since her departure on April 4.

I hadn’t seen Montréal in two and a half months. Summer is in full swing, and it’s fabulous!

After crossing Île Sainte‑Hélène and Île Notre‑Dame, Caroline hit the Canal de Lachine, just a few kilometres from the F-MR Station, where friends, family and admirers were anxiously awaiting her arrival.

Caroline finally crossed the finish line around 1 p.m. It was an emotional moment and the final step in a unique human adventure.

I don’t yet realize the scope of everything that was accomplished. I just want to share this experience with all Quebecers.

Congratulations to an exceptional adventurer who took on the extraordinary challenge of undertaking a solo journey to follow the path our electricity takes! In often difficult conditions, she impressed us with her strength, determination and courage. She showed us that anything is possible! Caroline, thank you 2,000 times over!

Watch the last hour of her expedition, which was shown live on Facebook and followed by hundreds of people around Québec and the world!


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  • 16 juin – Montréal – Le dernier kilomètre de l’expédition sur les berges du canal de Lachine.
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  • 16 juin – Montréal – Retrouvailles avec Samuel Ostiguy, chef d’expédition.
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