The adventure is coming to an end and Caroline just can’t wait to reach the finish line in Montréal. Come and congratulate her on her impressive feat on Saturday, June 16, starting at 11 a.m., at the F-MR Station in Montréal.

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Caroline spent a large portion of the ninth week of the expedition on water as she followed the path of the power system.

After a warm welcome at the generating station in La Tuque, Caroline met with Sylvain and Christian Marchand, brothers and Hydro-Québec employees. The two are avid canoers, and regular participants in the Classique internationale de canots de la Mauricie.

Expedition leader Samuel and the logistical team left nothing to chance, planning the meeting well in advance. The Marchand brothers’ mission was very clear: accompany our adventurer on a descent down the Rivière Saint-Maurice by canoe, a distance of more than 120 km, all the way to Grand-Mère. With their extensive knowledge of the river, they were the ideal candidates to make sure that this portion of the adventure would be as safe as possible.

During her three days in the canoe, Caroline marvelled at the magnificent Mauricie scenery from the unique perspective of being on the water. It was also the perfect opportunity for her arms to do the heavy lifting for a few days.

It’s been two months and my body is starting to ache. I’m tired. At least in a canoe, I can rest my legs and feet.

After paddling the 120 km by canoe, Caroline took off once again on foot to visit the employees of the Grand-Mère and Shawinigan-2 generating stations. Shawinigan-2 is one of our oldest generating stations still in service. These encounters reminded her once again of the motivation behind the expedition:

The électrON expedition is a one-of-a-kind athletic challenge that also focuses on the know-how behind Québec’s immense power grid. An extraordinary human adventure powered by our collective energy and with an eye on the future.


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  • June 4 – La Tuque – Caroline is ready for the descent down the Rivière Saint-Maurice.
  • June 6 – Grand-Mère – Caroline and Sylvain Marchand on their way to Grand-Mère.
  • June 6 – Grand-Mère – Travelling in pairs is always safer.
  • June 6 – Grand-Mère – Caroline and Sylvain Marchand hard at work.
  • June 4 – La Tuque – The spectacular Mauricie scenery on full display.
  • June 6 – Grand-Mère – The travellers arrive in Grand-Mère after three days of canoeing..
  • June 6 – Grand-Mère – Sylvain Marchand in the canoe he’s sharing with Caroline.
  • June 6 – Christian Marchand accompanies Caroline with his racing canoe.
  • June 6 – Grand-Mère – After the canoe trip, Caroline takes off on foot towards Shawinigan.
  • June 6 – Grand-Mère – Grand-Mère generating station.
  • June 6 – Shawinigan – Shawinigan-2 generating station.