After nearly three weeks in remote areas, Caroline spent the eighth week of her expedition in an inhabited area: Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. She was also able to enjoy some warm weather at long last—a little taste of the summer to come! In fact, when she picked up some additional supplies, she exchanged her sleeping bag designed for temperatures as low as -40oC for one suited for 0oC!

In Québec, summer is synonymous with mosquitoes and black flies. Fortunately, thanks to Caroline's tremendous ability to adapt, she is dealing with these newcomers with her customary grace. :-)

In Saguenay, a wonderful surprise awaited her: her parents had made a special trip to come and cheer her on. It was an emotional reunion, as Caroline hadn't seen her parents since leaving Natashquan on April 4.

After stopping at our Saguenay office to meet with Hydro-Québec employees, our adventurer visited the Musée du Fjord to meet General Manager Guylaine Simard and learn more about this beautiful region.

Caroline then set off by bike in a westerly direction, where the scenery was vastly different from previous weeks. She rode by farmland and villages, covering some 60 km before arriving at Lac Saint-Jean.

Durée : 2 minutes 56 seconds

In Roberval, she was welcomed by Jérémy Bonneau, General Manager of the Traversée internationale du lac Saint-Jean, where her abilities were put to the test by swimmers who intend to participate in this high-caliber competition. After a day of discussions and training, Caroline resumed her journey, traveling further south through the mountains of Haute-Mauricie before arriving at La Tuque.

The expedition is coming to an end and my equipment is starting to fall apart: the fabric of my tent is wearing out and the poles are not as solid as they were when I set out. I am proud of the distance I've covered and I can feel the finish line approaching. I'm nearly there!

Next objective: canoeing down Rivière Saint-Maurice to Grand-Mère before walking and running the final kilometres to Montréal.

Natashquan Montréal

Join us at the finish line to welcome Caroline and celebrate her impressive feat: Saturday, June 16, at 11 a.m., at the F-MR Station in Montréal.

Please confirm your attendance at our event @ Facebook and share the news with your friends. We're counting on you! :-)


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  • May 29 – Val-Jalbert – For the first time since she set out, Caroline didn't have to pitch her tent on snow!
  • May 28 – Lac Saint-Jean – The magnificent Lac Saint-Jean.
  • May 29 – Roberval – Caroline with Ronnica Christie, a swimmer who previously competed in the Traversée internationale du lac Saint-Jean, and Jérémy Bonneau, General Manager of the Traversée internationale du lac Saint-Jean.
  • May 28 – Lac Saint-Jean – Our adventurer travels through more inhabited areas.
  • May 28 – Lac Saint-Jean – Our adventurer travels through more inhabited areas.
  • May 28 – Lac Saint-Jean – The power lines Caroline followed in this portion of her journey are located on farmland.
  • May 28 – Lac Saint-Jean – A play structure with a Hydro-Québec wooden H-frame in the background.
  • May 28 – Lac Saint-Jean – Falling asleep to the sounds of a river—life just doesn’t get any better!
  • May 26 – Saguenay – Caroline with her winter coat—not something we will see a lot of during the rest of the expedition.
  • May 28 – Lac Saint-Jean – As Caroline approaches southern Québec, the forest changed and other types of vegetation became more prevalent.
  • May 28 – Lac Saint-Jean – What beautiful scenery!