The adventurer Caroline Côté began her trek one week ago.

It’s begun! Here I am. This is the start and it’s scary. But I’m bringing you all with me in my heart and I know we’ll see each other soon.

In this video made just before she set out on her expedition, she shares her state of mind and the last moments before her departure.

After starting off on foot in the Innu community of Nutashkuan, Caroline crossed the municipality of Natashquan, taking a few minutes to greet the mayor, students from Uauitshitun school and Hydro-Québec employees who came to cheer her on.

Leaving behind paved roads, she trekked off into the snow on foot to reach the power line that links the municipality to Natashquan substation. This was no easy feat at –20oC with heavy winds!

And so she goes forward. Despite the cold, the wind and the weight of the sled she must pull, Caroline continues her adventure—racking up 20 to 30 km a day—en route for the Rivière Romaine and its hydroelectric complex.

In just one week, she has covered 130 km on skis and on foot. She reached the Romaine complex on April 10.
Her strength and determination keep her moving forward. Her goal? Continue to Havre-Saint-Pierre.


Challenge completed in 74 days.

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