Sustainable Development

Thanks to hydropower, Hydro-Québec is a North American leader in the fight against climate change. In addition to protecting the environment, the company contributes to the province’s economic vitality.

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  • Sustainability Report 2015.
    Learn about our achievements!

  • In 2015, our electricity exports
    helped avoid the emission of
    7 million tonnes of GHGs.

  • In 2015, our community
    investments totaled $27 million.

Our approach

The ingredients of our sustainability approach:

  • Governance
  • Value chain
  • Relations with stakeholders
  • Materiality analysis
  • Sustainable Development Action Plan
Our approach

Collective choices

Decisions are made every day. We want these to reflect the expectations of all stakeholders, so that everyone can relate to our choices for the future.

Energy and the environment

Our job: provide all of Québec with power, and do it sustainably. We generate over 99% of our electricity from water, a renewable energy source. What’s more, hydropower has very low greenhouse gas emissions. Not to mention the emissions avoided thanks to our exports, which are equivalent to the yearly emissions of nearly 1,850,000 vehicles.

Technological innovation

Every year, we systematically invest in R&D. Our research institute is unique in North America.

Highlight: Québec’s electricity mix is among the best in the world

Hydro-Québec mandated the CIRAIG’s International Life Cycle Chair to use life cycle assessment methodology to study and compare different power generation options and the electricity mixes of various Canadian provinces, U.S. states and other countries. Results: Thanks to hydroelectricity, Québec’s electricity mix is among the best in the world.

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