Corporate Responsibility

Decisions are made every day. We want our decisions to reflect the expectations of all stakeholders so that everyone can relate to our choices for the future.

Acceptability and Spinoffs of Projects and Operations

Hydro-Québec wants its projects to be accepted by the host communities. That’s why we strive to maximize project spinoffs and encourage Aboriginal and other communities to participate in project planning.

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Human Resources

To meet our objectives, we rely on three winning conditions: competent employees, in a high-quality work environment, who are committed to a common project. In the current labour shortage, we are taking steps to preserve and renew the essential know-how held by our personnel.

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Responsibility for Electricity Service

We provide high-quality service adapted to the needs of each of our customer categories. Our aim is to fulfil our mission while ensuring fair treatment for our customers and a reasonable return for our shareholder.

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Community Investments

Hydro-Québec is active throughout Québec. We invest in the province-wide power system and we contribute to communities in every Québec region – $27,8 million in 2017.

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