Whether in R&D, training, monitoring or field operations, Hydro-Québec considers workers’ health and safety to be of prime importance.

As prime contractor, Hydro-Québec provides front-line health care for workers on remote jobsites. Nursing staff is available, as well as telephone medical assistance at any time of day or night.

Activities in 2016

  • Awareness-raising among employees and suppliers on the importance of adopting safe behaviours at all times and of reporting any incident or situation that poses a risk to the integrity and safety of individuals or company assets. The Ouvrons l’œil hotline, a dedicated security service, is available 24/7 to allow anyone to promptly report an event. Number of calls received in 2016: 2,875 (2,951 in 2015).
  • Occupational health and safety training: 14,166 registrations (27,485 in 2015). The decline compared to the previous year is largely due to the completion of refresher training on the Work Safety Code (fifth and sixth editions).
  • Number of participants in health awareness and promotion activities: 2,217 (2,593 in 2015).

Work-related accident rate

The graph shows results of 2.62 in 2013, 2.38 in 2014, 2.30 in 2015 and 2.56 in 2016.