Hydro-Québec monitors its facilities closely and warns the public about hazards that exist near electrical and hydropower facilities. The company conducts awareness campaigns to promote caution and safe use of electricity.

Safety sign, Rivière-des-Prairies generating station.


  • A safety campaign broadcast online and on radio warned of the dangers of getting within three metres of a power line.
  • Activities to raise awareness about safety near hydraulic facilities included an information day for boaters near Carillon generating station and a public campaign in Mauricie during the spring thaw.
Every year, Hydro-Québec reminds the general public about the hazards of pruning trees near power lines, often through ads published in print media.
Electrical accidents – 2017
  Incident Deaths
Public – Hydro-Québec facilities 14 2
Public – use of electricity 0 3
Skilled workers – Hydro-Québec facilities 30 0
Skilled workers – use of electricity 5 0
Hydro-Québec employees 163 0
Total 212 5

At Hydro-Québec facilities, 14 electricity-related accidents involving 11 persons were reported. Two individuals on board a plane also died when the aircraft came into contact with a power line, which likely caused the crash. Three electricity-use deaths were recorded: one from an accident in an industrial customer’s electrical facility; a second due to electrocution during spring flooding; and a third caused by a jobsite accident.

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