Hydro-Québec monitors its facilities closely and warns the public about hazards that exist near electrical and hydropower facilities. The company conducts awareness campaigns to promote caution and safe use of electricity.

Activities in 2016

  • On its website, Hydro-Québec posted a page on public safety.
  • Hydro-Québec increased its social media presence to raise public awareness on safe electricity use.
Every year, Hydro-Québec reminds the general public about the hazards of pruning trees near power lines, often through ads published in print media.
Electrical accidents – 2016
  Incident Deaths
Public – Hydro-Québec facilities 13 0
Public – use of electricity 1 1
Skilled workers – Hydro-Québec facilities 41 2
Skilled workers – use of electricity 9 0
Hydro-Québec employees 176 0
Total 240 3

A total of 13 electricity-related accidents were reported, with 15 victims. An accident involving two people caused one death and one person received an electric shock from a medium-voltage utility pole while in the company of other people.

Skilled workers
During pruning, one worker was electrocuted when the branch he had just cut came into contact with the electrical conductor. Another worker died when the bucket he was entering came into contact with a medium-voltage conductor.

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