Hydro-Québec’s investments, procurement, dividends paid to the Québec government and consulting-engineering expertise make it a major driving force in the Québec economy. Every year, the spinoffs from its operations generate billions of dollars and thousands of jobs, contributing to the economic vitality of many regions of the province.

Hydro-Québec encourages local subcontracting and issues calls for tenders from local companies for contracts under $1 million, on the condition that the principles of competition are upheld.

Regional economic spinoffs committees are also set up to ensure that local economic associations are informed about tender calls and project spinoffs. The committees also help monitor the measures implemented.

Activities in 2016

  • Revenue from electricity sales in Québec: $11,573 million ($11,662 million in 2015)
  • Revenue from electricity sales outside Québec: $1,626 million ($1,700 million in 2015)
  • Net electricity exports: $1,568 million ($1,645 million in 2015)
  • Net income: $2,861 million
  • Dividend: $2,146 million

Subcontracting fairs – Chamouchouane–Bout-de-l’Île project

The Chamouchouane–Bout-de-l’Île project, whose spinoffs are estimated at $1.1 billion, represents a business opportunity for regional contractors. Hundreds of jobs are expected to be created during the construction phase.

To publicize these business opportunities and the application procedures, we worked with the Haut-Saint-Maurice and Mékinac chambers of commerce to stage two subcontracting fairs. These events attracted some 230 people representing 110 companies.

Subcontracting fair in the Mauricie region held as part of the Chamouchouane-Bout-de-l’Île project.
Hydro-Québec's contribution to the Québec economy
  2013 2014 2015 2016
Dividend ($M) 2,207 2,535 2,360 2,146
Public utilities tax ($M) 245 252 268 284
Water-power royalties ($M) 669 651 654 667
Municipal and school taxes ($M) 36 37 37 40
Procurement from Québec-based companies (%) 95 94 93 94
Community investments ($M) 31 30 27 28