Clean, renewable energy

Climate instability is a major issue for the global environment. Our exports enable us to avoid more greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than we generate. We also preserve biodiversity and incorporate environmental management into our business processes.

Climate change

Hydro-Québec generates more than 99,8% of its electricity from water—a source of clean, renewable energy. This explains Québec’s outstanding record in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. The power we export to our neighbors also makes a big difference. Every year, the emissions avoided are equivalent to removing nearly two million vehicles from Québec roads.

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Power generation, purchases and exports

Hydro-Québec mainly generates hydropower. It purchases power generated by other types of renewables, such as wind power and biomass, and is investigating new energy options (photovoltaic solar power, hydrokinetic power, etc.). The company also sells clean power to neighboring markets.

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Demand-side management

Energy efficiency is an ideal way of reducing electricity consumption. That’s why Hydro-Québec has been promoting the responsible use of natural resources for over 50 years.

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Environmental impact management

The ISO 14001–certified environmental management systems implemented in the late 1990s have improved the company’s environmental performance in many ways.

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All about Hydro-Québec’s major projects

Our major generation and transmission projects are carried out in a spirit of sustainability. Once the new facilities are operational, we check whether the mitigation measures have been properly applied and whether they are achieving the anticipated results.