Biomass is organic matter, derived from plants or animals, that can be burned to produce heat or generate electricity. The International Energy Agency projects that it will be the fastest-growing renewable energy source between now and 2030, providing as much as 30% of the power consumed worldwide by 2050. It is the second-biggest source of renewable energy, after hydropower.

In Québec, forest biomass is the most frequently used organic matter due to its ready availability and the maturity of the generating method involved. Biomass potential in Québec is based on three major categories of source matter: forest biomass, agrifood biomass and urban biomass.

Activities in 2016

  • We purchased 2,093 GWh of energy generated by biomass and waste reclamation.
  • In November, a request for proposals was issued in partnership with the local Atikamekw community to supply Obedjiwan with electricity generated from forest biomass. We are seeking an economically viable solution that uses GHG-reduction technology.

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