We carry out work to reduce the energy consumption of our facilities. The energy savings obtained are mainly related to lighting, ventilation and energy recovery.

In addition, we rehabilitate and refit our generating stations to increase their capacity and output, allowing us to generate additional energy at a lower cost. We also take measures to reduce energy losses on the power grid.

Energy Efficiency Results – Administrative Buildings (kWh/m2 gross)
  Objectivesa Results
  2016 2020 2013 2014 2015 2016
Average energy consumption 233 216 245 239 231 229
  1. The objectives are based on market indicators (BOMA BESt). Since 2012, we have monitored 85 buildings each year, except in 2014, when 84 buildings were monitored.

Activities in 2016

  • Since 1992, we have achieved a 43% reduction in the energy consumption—savings of $121 million ($8.9 million in 2016) of our administrative buildings in which energy efficiency measures were implemented.
  • The systems in 38 buildings were automated to reduce peak load.
  • We started the overhaul of our head office’s building envelope, which will be finalized in 2019. This project will improve the building’s insulation and airtightness. It includes the replacement of steel panels by aluminum ones and the sealing of some 3,000 windows.
  • We continued the rehabilitation or refitting of a number of generating stations, including Rapide-2, Rapide-7 and Rapides-des-Quinze. Energy gains achieved totaled 73 GWh in 2016.
  • The CATVAR project led to savings of 244 GWh (246 GWh in 2015).
  • In our administrative buildings, we replaced equipment that had reached the end of its useful life. For example, we installed variable-speed motors and heat recovery mechanisms to improve the energy efficiency of a ventilation system; we replaced fluorescent, metal halide and high-pressure sodium lightbulbs with LED bulbs; and we added motion detectors in strategic locations (e.g., in meeting rooms).