1. Introduction

This policy sets out Hydro-Québec's orientations and commitment toward the environment. Hydro-Québec emphasizes the judicious use of resources from a sustainable development perspective.

2. General Principles

Hydro-Québec is a leader in the environmental field. By using renewable resources to generate electricity, Hydro-Québec protects the environmental heritage for future generations. It develops profitable, environmentally acceptable projects that are well received by host communities. It practices rigorous environmental management that complies with the ISO 14001 standard, with a view to continuous improvement. Thus:

Sustainable development

To contribute to sustainable development, Hydro-Québec undertakes to:

  • promote more efficient use of electricity, especially with regard to land transportation;
  • give preference to hydropower;
  • include environmental concerns in its decision-making processes and at all stages in the life cycle of its development projects, products, services and facilities, in such a way as to prevent pollution;
  • use resources as efficiently as possible, promote responsible consumption and practice reduction at source, reuse and recycling.

Continuous improvement of environmental performance

To improve its environmental performance, Hydro-Québec undertakes to:

  • prevent and manage impacts at source, mitigate negative impacts and maximize positive impacts;
  • adopt a transparent approach by encouraging the participation of local communities in the environmental assessment of its activities, programs and projects;
  • make its business partners and suppliers aware of the need for responsible environmental management of their activities, products and services;
  • carry out or support technological innovation and research on the environmental impacts of its operations.

3. Accountability

Each manager is responsible for applying the general principles of this policy and for reporting the results to management.

Any deviation from one or more of these principles should be indicated in recommendations submitted for approval under the heading: (8) Conformity of the recommended solution.

In the case of a specific concern, the Board of Directors or the President and Chief Executive Officer may at any time request a report on the application of a given general principle of this policy.

The Executive Vice President – Corporate Affairs and Secretary General submits a report each year to the Board of Directors on sustainable development. The report is also made public.