At Hydro-Québec, we consider energy efficiency the ideal way to balance supply and demand. It is an option that we prioritize over electricity generation or purchases, making the most of its ability to curb growth needs and reduce power demand during peak periods. Energy efficiency also allows customers to reduce their electricity bills without compromising their comfort or quality of life.

Energy savings – Initiatives with customers

Since the early 1960s, we have encouraged our customers to use electricity more efficiently. For example, our Energy Efficiency Plan, which ran from 2003 to 2015, covered a large number of fields. Going forward, our actions will focus on the following areas: energy savings, demand response and promoting the use of the energy source most suited to specific needs. This strategy matches our context of having sufficient energy but facing escalations in peak demand. By 2020, our goal is to reduce electricity sales growth by a third through our energy efficiency initiatives.

New Annual Energy Savings – Energy Efficiency Initiatives – 2016
Initiatives Annual savingsa (GWh)
Residential market 202
Public awareness – ENERGY WISE 88.5
Specific programs – ENERGY WISE
Lightingb 55.1
Water and energy-saving products 8.2
Efficient Pools 43.2
Windows and patio doors 2.4
Energy-efficient windows – Rental properties 0.9
Support for sustainable urban development projectsc 1.4
Offers for low-income households 2.4
Business market 330
Commercial and institutional 145.5
Industrial 184.5
Off-grid systems 2
Total new savings 534
  1. Overall total and sum of subtotals may differ due to rounding.
  2. Savings attributable to our efforts toward market transformation—program ended.
  3. Includes the results of the Cité Verte pilot project.

Energy efficiency initiatives to reduce power demand (MW)

Activities in 2016

Residential customers

  • New energy savings: 204 GWh (177 GWh in 2015).
  • We intensified our efforts to limit demand growth in all regions covered by off-grid systems. Awareness raising and integrated offers were the focus of our approach.
  • An integrated offer was launched on the Îles de la Madeleine, encouraging residents to insulate their home’s roof space, install water- and energy-saving products and replace their outdoor lightbulbs with LED bulbs. Result: 364 residential customers insulated their home’s roof space and other measures were implemented in 1,417 buildings.
  • A liaison committee was set up with Nunavik’s stakeholders represented by the Kativik Regional Government, Makivik Corporation and Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau. The committee coordinates initiatives to promote wiser use of electricity and collects the community’s concerns about energy efficiency.
  • Our customers bought 37,450 water and energy-saving product kits, bringing the total number of kits purchased since 2013 to 66,805. The offer was updated to better cater kits to the needs of residential customers, municipalities and rental property owners. We also focused on the repute of the WaterSense label.

Business customers

  • New energy savings: 330 GWh (391 GWh in 2015).
  • To date, 17 industrial sites have been analyzed or had electricity management systems installed. These energy performance measures are based on the ISO 50001 standard and supported by the Industrial Systems Program.
  • Our Energy Savers’ Circle welcomed nine new members, recognizing their achievement of reducing their electricity consumption by at least 5% or 50 GWh per year.

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