Meeting energy needs – 2017 (GWh)

Meeting energy needs – 2017 (GWh)
Energy generated
Hydropower 176,785
Thermal power 305
Total 177,091
Energy generated and purchased
Energy generated 177,091
Energy purchaseda 44,006
Energy savings through energy efficiency measures 524
Total 221,097
Energy purchased
Hydropowerb 31,610
Wind power 9,634
Biomass/waste reclamation 2,021
Other 741
Total 44,006
  1. Overall total and sum of subtotals may differ due to rounding.
  2. Includes purchases from Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Limited and independent power producers, including McCormick generating station, in which Hydro-Québec holds a 60% interest.

These figures include renewable energy certificates for the output of Hydro-Québec Production’s generating stations that were sold to third parties. They exclude purchases of wind, hydraulic and biogas energy for which certificates were sold to third parties.