In Québec, the use of wind power is facilitated by the presence of hydropower generating stations that can start up instantly, compensating for the intermittence of wind. We buy wind power from independent producers and feed it reliably into our grid.

Activities in 2016

  • We signed a long-term supply contract to purchase the output of a small hydro plant (16 MW), and we began receiving the output from three wind farms (total of 248.7 MW).
  • We purchased 8,635 GWh of wind power.
Capacity Of Current And Planned Wind Farms And Generating Stations Covered By Supply Contracts (MW)
  In operation Under construction Planned Total
Planned 3,296.3 248.3 166.0 3,710.7
Cogeneration plants 745.0 10.8 109.6 865.4
Hydroelectric generating stations 664.2 23.2 60.0 747.4

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