Innovation and Sustainable Development

Half a century ago, visitors to Montréal’s Expo 67 could watch the construction of Daniel-Johnson (Manic-5) dam, the world’s largest multiple-arch dam, live and in real time. When we commissioned the generating stations in the Manicouagan complex, we put into the operation of the world’s first extra-high-voltage line. Today, in promising new fields such as energy transition, we continue to rely on innovation to provide technological and human solutions to the issues of our day.

Research and development

Among the hundred research projects underway at IREQ are those related to environmental protection, renewable energy sources, extending equipment service life and energy efficiency.

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Innovation and partnership

We believe in open innovation. That’s why we have forged our many partnerships with university, institutional and industrial collaborators. We also fund research chairs in fields related to our operations.

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Transportation electrification

Hydro-Québec contributes to electric mobility in a number of ways: we supply power from a clean, renewable source, manage a reliable grid and have state-of-the-art expertise.

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