Examples of sustainability-related innovation projects – 2016

Examples of sustainability-related innovation projects – 2016
Category Achievement or work in progress Investment ($’000)
  • We continued the Tribology/Environment project to find environmentally friendly lubricating solutions for production equipment. We want to test self-lubricating materials (dry lubrication, grease-free) and green lubricants under operating conditions to assess their performance. Adopting these types of products will let us reduce the damage to the environment caused by accidental leaks. In 2016, these products were tested in a number of facilities.
Asset sustaining
and service
  • We have developed a method for assessing power transformer ageing. We can now determine the remaining service life of the solid insulation material in transformers without opening them or removing them from the grid. Used in various locations on our transmission system, the innovation come to the notice of various power industry companies and research groups. Advantages: improving service continuity, reducing the duration of interventions and maintaining equipment availability.
Energy use
– customers and equipment
  • Support for commercial offerings with our medium-power industrial customers to get them on board to meet a growing demand for power. After assessing the potential of some of them and carrying out audits with others, we identified the best ways of managing the power demand. We also verified the relevance of tools to facilitate users’ understanding of electricity consumption developed by the Energy Technology Laboratory.