Indigenous Relations

Commemorative monument near Rupert dam

Hydro-Québec’s relations with Indigenous communities in Québec go back for decades. Now, together, we want to take things further.

In our Declaration of Commitment to the First Nations and the Inuit Nation [ PDF - 305 KB ], we affirmed our ambition to “foster, value and embrace Indigenous promise in every aspect of Hydro-Québec’s activities.”

Our policy

In 2019, Hydro-Québec adopted a policy governing its relations with Indigenous communities. The policy formally sets out our commitment to involve Indigenous communities in our decisions and initiatives, with a view to fostering the acceptability, and hence the integration, of our projects and activities.

This commitment involves maintaining and improving our relations with Indigenous communities, while also creating an open and welcoming workplace for Indigenous staff members that takes their realities into account.

Policy on relations with Indigenous communities [PDF 112 kB - in French only ]

PAR certification

In 2021, the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business awarded Hydro-Québec Silver certification under its Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program. Based on continuous improvement, PAR certification recognizes organizations that, through their actions and efforts, have become Canadian leaders in Indigenous relations.

Progressive Aboriginal Relations. Silver Level. Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.