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Frequently asked questions

We hope this section will help you get answers to your questions.

What happens when a Hydro-Québec employee causes damage to my property (house, tree, fence, etc.)?

If our employees accidently damage your property, they will leave a notice on your door informing you that Hydro-Québec will contact you shortly to take care of the situation.

What should I do if I think Hydro-Québec has caused damage to my property and has not left any notice alluding to it?

You can file a claim with the company. We suggest, however, that you first contact your insurer to help analyze the situation.

Is Hydro-Québec automatically liable if one of my belongings (television, computer, microwave oven, etc.) is damaged by electricity?

No, not necessarily. If some of your appliances have been damaged and a master electrician or technician tells you that the cause is electrical, this does not mean that Hydro-Québec is liable.

Here are some examples of situations where Hydro-Québec cannot be held liable for damages:

  • A meteorological event (e.g.: a storm).
  • Voltage or frequency variations or losses, since it is up to you to protect your electrical installation and your appliances against such events.
  • A service interruption caused by an emergency, an accident, an equipment failure or the activation of system protective devices.
  • A service interruption or non-delivery of electricity for the purpose of maintenance, repairs, modification or management of the system, or for reasons of public utility or safety.

For more information, please refer to sections 12.2, 12.3 and 14.5 of the Conditions of Electricity Service.

What information do I need to provide?

You must provide the following information for your claim to be processed quickly:

  • The date of the event.
  • The address of the location where the event took place.
  • Claimant name, telephone number and address.
  • Your customer number, if you are a Hydro-Québec customer (this number is indicated at the top of your bills).
  • A description of the situation.

How do I know if Hydro-Québec has received my claim?

When you use our online form, a confirmation notice will appear on your screen once the form has been sent. You will receive confirmation of receipt by email or mail as soon as our claims' team begins working on your case.

How much will I receive if my claim is accepted?

You will be compensated for a value corresponding to the value of the good on the day it was damaged, or the cost for its repair, whichever is lower.

How do you determine the value of my belongings?

Here is an example of the method used to determine the value of your belongings:

If it is established that Hydro-Québec is liable for the damage caused to your five-year-old television, the indemnity will correspond to the value of the aged television or the cost for its repair, whichever is lower.

In other words, the value of the good on the day the damage occurs is determined according to the cost of its replacement, minus a deduction for its depreciation, determined mainly by its state, age, wear and normal service life. You will therefore not receive the full replacement value of the damaged good.

Ask your insurer if your insurance contract covers total replacement compensation for the damaged belonging.

Will the information obtained as part of my claim be made public?

No, Hydro-Québec processes all claims and personal information in a confidential manner in compliance with the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information (R.S.Q., c. A 2.1).

For more information, please visit our policy of confidentiality, privacy and security.

Can a member of my family file a claim on my behalf?

Yes, but you must first send a duly completed and signed proxy form.

When you submit a claim using the online form, please make sure to check the fields Customer representative and Legal representative and provide all the information required in section 1.

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