Energy wise

Energy wise

The Energy Wise site offers practical tools, simple tips and sound advice, as well as recommendations on products and services to help Quebecers save electricity.

Being Energy Wise means:

  • Using energy-efficient appliances and devices and finding ways to cut your electricity costs

  • Taking up energy-smart habits and making small changes at home and at work that will benefit the entire community for generations to come

  • Using energy wisely during peak periods

Why be energy wise?

When we use energy wisely, everyone benefits. But what does being energy wise mean? How can you figure out how much electricity you use? Try our practical tools to gain a better understanding of your energy use and follow our simple tips to save energy.


How much do you use?

You don’t know what your annual consumption is? We have a tool to help you estimate the annual electricity cost for your home.

See your electricity use

Saving electricity

It’s amazingly easy to save electricity! Here are some great ideas on how to save every day.

Lower your thermostat
by 1°C in winter

over $40
a year

Unplug your second

about $45
a year

Recycle an unused

- 360 kWh
a year

Take showers that are
a minute shorter

up to $50
a year

Let laundry air dry

- 150 kWh
a year

Install Water-saving

up to $100
a year

Install electronic

up to $150
a year

Hydro-Québec is with you all the way

Illustration offres, services et initiatives

Offers, services and initiatives

To help you become more energy wise, we offer programs that combine practical resources, innovative solutions and money-saving offers.

Illustration construire ou rénover

Building and renovating

If you’re thinking about doing major or even minor renovations, take advantage of the practical resources available. Opt for ecofriendly solutions: they’re simple and they pay!

right moves

Are you making the right moves?

Making the right moves means saving electricity every day. Meet Suzanne and learn more about making the right moves.

right moves