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Change address

You're a Hydro-Québec customer and you would like to transfer your service to a new address.

˲ Add address

You want to receive electricity service at a new address and keep your current contract(s).

˲ Remove address

You want terminate an electricity service contract without transferring it to a new address.

˲ Become a customer

You're not yet a Hydro-Québec customer. At your new address, you'll be the electricity account holder.

˲Change account holder(s)

You want to change the list of people responsible for an electricity service account.

Please give us at least seven days’ notice of your planned moving date.

You’ll be charged $20 to set up a new electricity service account. The charge (plus GST and QST) will show up on your first bill.

You’ll receive confirmation of your change of address.

Change address  Change address when moving

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