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Dare to Compare

Are you energy-efficient or energy-hungry?

Find out how your electricity consumption compares to that of households similar to yours.

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Dare to Compare Service

  • + Results in just three minutes
    Quick and easy: Log into your Customer Space and answer 11 questions.
  • + Rigorous comparison
    We have established over 1,000 comparison groups so we can compare households that have a similar profile. Your comparison group is based on characteristics including these:

    Type of dwelling: semidetached, triplex, etc.

    Number of occupants

    Swimming pool, if any

    Number of heated rooms
    • Type of dwelling: single-family dwelling, semidetached, triplex, etc.;
    • Number of occupants;
    • Swimming pool, if any;
    • Number of heated rooms.
  • + Reliable service based on your actual electricity consumption
    Your result is based on the figures in your Customer Space.
  • + Personalized tips
    Our tips make it even easier to save electricity.
  • + Frequent updates to reflect changes in your data
    Your result is updated in each new billing period so that you can follow any changes.

NB: To answer the questionnaire, you have to log into your Customer Space.

Frequently asked questions

First you answer 11 questions (online or printed questionnaire).Your answers allow us to match you with a comparison group formed of similar households.

Then you get your result, which includes the following:

  • A dial showing your electricity use as compared to that of the comparison group average (note that your result is based on your actual electricity use, not on an estimate)
  • The difference between your consumption and the average in both kilowatthours and dollars
  • The percentage of households that use less electricity than yours
  • Tips on conserving electricity

If you’re a residential customer* who pays Rate D or DT,** you can use Dare to Compare, no matter whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant. You can compare your principal residence, secondary residence or cottage. The rate you pay is indicated on your bill.

You can use Dare to Compare even if you’ve already done the Home Diagnostic.

To make the comparison valid and useful, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The electricity bill must be in your name, your contract must be current and you must live at the service address.
  • You must pay Rate D or DT.
  • You must have a consumption profile dating back at least 280 days in a row (just over nine months), in order for the analysis period to be valid.
  • The consumption on your last bill in the analysis period must not have been estimated (E).
  • The consumption in the billing period before the analysis period must not have been estimated (E).
  • Your building must be exclusively residential.
  • If the rate applied to your service contract has changed, you must have a consumption history of at least 420 days at your present rate.

* A lack of comparable data makes it impossible to produce Dare to Compare results for residents of Schefferville and Nunavik or for municipal grid customers. Hydro-Québec does offer other energy efficiency programs for those customers, however. Please ask your municipal utility about programs in your community.

** Does not apply to contracts at Rate DM.

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