All of Hydro‑Québec’s data on over 1,700 plant species and varieties found in Québec. The directory can be used to search for a tree or shrub based on specific features such as light requirements, hardiness zone, height at maturity, etc. Also, each plant species and variety is associated with a safe planting distance from medium‑voltage lines.

The data may be useful for:

  • Residents who want to choose which trees and shrubs to plant and determine where they should be planted in relation to power distribution lines
  • Professionals such as nursery growers, horticulturists and landscapers
  • People in charge of tree replacement program planning
  • People in charge of planning and carrying out work near existing trees

Go to Hydro‑Québec’s Choose the Right Tree or Shrub site, where all the data comes from.

Specific conditions for this data set

Users must:

Files or services

Access to open data is obtained through hyperlinks configured on an application programming interface (API). For more information, consult the Données Québec [in French only].

1. Displaying records

All tree and shrub records

PNo parameters are required to obtain the data from all the records sorted according to their Latin name (in ascending order):
Method: GET

Example of the data in a record:

        "numeroFiche": "5438",
        "nomLatin": "Abelia x grandiflora",
        "nomFrancais": "Abélia grandiflora",
        "nomAnglais": "Glossy Abelia",
        "plantationDistanceMinimum": "0,0 m",
        "type": "Feuillu",
        "zoneRusticite": "5b",
        "remarquesFicheDeBase": "peu adapté au climat ; peu rustique ; endroits chauds et abrités des vents ; peu disponible",
        "hauteur": 0.8,
        "largeur": 1.2,
        "croissance": null,
        "famille": null,
        "aspect": null,
        "usages": null,
        "solType": null,
        "feuillesDescription": null,
        "fleursDescription": null,
        "fruitsDescription": null,
        "solCompactage": null,
        "selDeglacage": null,
        "taille": null,
        "enracinement": null,
        "maladies": null,
        "insectes": null,
        "remarquesFicheComplete": "peu adapté au climat ; peu rustique ; endroits chauds et abrités des vents ; peu disponible",
        "ecorceDescription": null,
        "varietesHorticoles": null,
        "formes": [
            "Petit arbuste",
        "expositionsLumiere": [],
        "solHumidites": [],
        "solTextures": [],
        "solPhs": [],
        "urlPhotoArbre": null,
        "urlPhotoPoteau": null,
        "urlPhotoFeuille": null,
        "urlPhotoFleur": null,
        "urlPhotoFruit": null,
        "urlPhotoEcorce": null

Limited number of records in a data set

Add parameters {indexDeDépart} and {nombreElementsARcuperer} to obtain the data for a certain number of records sorted according to their Latin name (in ascending order) from a starting index.{indexDeDépart}/{nombreElementsARcuperer}

Method: GET

Note that these two parameters must be used in combination: if “indexDeDépart” is added to the URL, “nombreElementsARcuperer” must also be specified, and vice versa. Otherwise, the API interface will report an error.

Example of URL to obtain data from 15 records starting from the second record in the list:

Sample of data obtained:

        "numeroFiche": "4582",
        "nomLatin": "Abies balsamea",
        "nomFrancais": "Sapin baumier",
        "nomAnglais": "Balsam Fir Balm of Gilead",
        "plantationDistanceMinimum": "5,0 m",
        "type": "Conifère",
        "zoneRusticite": "1a",
        "remarquesFicheDeBase": null,
        "hauteur": 20,
        "largeur": 7,
        "croissance": "lente",
        "famille": "Pinacées",
        "aspect": null,
        "usages": "isolé, massif et naturalisation ; utilisé comme arbre de Noël",
        "solType": "isolé, massif et naturalisation ; utilisé comme arbre de Noël",
        "feuillesDescription": "aiguilles aplaties et aromatiques ; 1,5 à 2,5 cm de longueur\n\nÉté ; vert foncé avec deux petites lignes blanches en dessous\n\nAutomne ; vertes",
        "fleursDescription": "Couleur : mâles : rouge jaunâtre avec des reflets pourpres ; femelles : jaunâtres dans la cime de l’arbre ; les deux sans intérêt ornemental",
        "fruitsDescription": "cônes érigés et résineux ; 5 à 7 cm de longueur ; développement complet en une année ; axe central persistant après maturation\n\nCouleur ; bruns\n\nSaison ; automne",
        "solCompactage": "Grande",
        "selDeglacage": "Faible",
        "taille": null,
        "enracinement": "superficiel ; plantation facile des jeunes plants, planter en motte les plus âgés",
        "maladies": "peu de problèmes pathologiques",
        "insectes": "sensibilité moyenne à élevée ; puceron lanigère, tordeuse des bourgeons de l’épinette",
        "remarquesFicheComplete": null,
        "ecorceDescription": null,
        "varietesHorticoles": "Abies balsamea ‘Piccolo’ - Sapin baumier Piccolo : feuillage dense vert bleuté ; croissance très lente ; 0,2 m x 0,4 m ; espacement requis : sans restriction",
        "formes": [
            "Grand arbre"
        "expositionsLumiere": [
        "solHumidites": [
        "solTextures": [
        "solPhs": [
            "Très acide",
            "Légèrement acide"
        "urlPhotoArbre": "",
        "urlPhotoPoteau": "",
        "urlPhotoFeuille": "",
        "urlPhotoFleur": "",
        "urlPhotoFruit": "",
        "urlPhotoEcorce": ""
        "numeroFiche": "4584",
        "nomLatin": "Abies balsamea ‘Nana’",
        "nomFrancais": "Sapin baumier nain",
        "nomAnglais": "Dwarf Balsam Fir",
        "plantationDistanceMinimum": "0,0 m",
        "type": "Conifère",
        "zoneRusticite": "4a",
        "remarquesFicheDeBase": null,
        "hauteur": 0.6,
        "largeur": 1,
        "croissance": "lente",
        "famille": "Pinacées",

Specific record

To obtain the data in a record, add the corresponding number at the end of the URL.


Method: GET

Affiche les informations de la fiche dont le numéro est donné en paramètre.


2. Conducting searches based on criteria

Meaning of all the labels

The following chart shows the possible values for each search criteria. Note that a parameter field may be left empty.

Meaning of all the labels
Criteria Translation of criteria (for reference only) Value Description of value
rechercheParNom SearchByName [free-text field]  
type type c Coniferous
type type f Deciduous
type type cf Coniferous or deciduous
distancePlantationSecuritaire SafePlantingDistance [x],[x] Measurement in meters, from 0 to 14.5 meters in increments of 0.5.
Example: 1.5
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 0b 0b
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 1a 1a
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 1b 1b
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 2a 2a
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 2b 2b
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 3a 3a
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 3b 3b
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 4a 4a
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 4b 4b
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 5a 5a
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 5b 5b
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 6a 6a
zoneRusticite HardinessZone 6b 6b
forme form grimpant Climbing
forme form arbuste-rampant Creeping shrub
forme form petit-arbuste Small shrub
forme form arbuste Shrub
forme form arbrisseau Shrub
forme form petit-arbre Small tree
forme form moyen-arbre Average tree
forme form grand-arbre Large tree
expositionLumiere LightRequirement soleil Sun
expositionLumiere LightRequirement mi-ombre Semi-shade
expositionLumiere LightRequirement ombre Shade
hauteur height -1 less than 1 m
hauteur height 1a1,9 from 1 m to 1.9 m
hauteur height 2a2,9 from 2 m to 2.9 m
hauteur height 3a4,9 from 3 m to 4.9 m
hauteur height 5a6,9 from 5 m to 6.9 m
hauteur height 7a9,9 from 7 m to 9.9 m
hauteur height 10a14,9 from 10 m to 14.9 m
hauteur height +15 15 m and more
largeur spread -1 less than 1 m
largeur spread 1a1,9 from 1 m to 1.9 m
largeur spread 2a2,9 from 2 m to 2.9 m
largeur spread 3a4,9 from 3 m to 4.9 m
largeur spread 5a6,9 from 5 m to 6.9 m
largeur spread 7a9,9 from 7 m to 9.9 m
largeur spread 10a13,9 from 10 m to 13.9 m
largeur spread +14 14 m and more
humiditeSol SoilMoisture elevee High
humiditeSol SoilMoisture moyenne Average
humiditeSol SoilMoisture faible Low

A list of all the possible values for any search criteria can also be obtained.


Method: GET

Search based on the 11 possible criteria

Using the values defined in the previous table, searches can be conducted using the following criteria:

  • rechercheParNom
  • type
  • distancePlantationSecuritaire
  • zoneRusticite
  • forme
  • expositionLumiere
  • hauteur
  • largeur
  • humiditeSol


Method: POST

Example 1:

This search will allow the user to access all records of coniferous trees sorted according to their Latin name and that contain the word “sapin” in the French, English or Latin name.

Example 2:

This search allows the user to obtain all records sorted according to their Latin name that require average soil moisture, have a 4A hardiness zone, prefer semi‑shade, have a safe planting distance of 5 m and are shrubs.

Example 3:

This search allows the user to access all records of trees and shrubs that grow to measure2 to 2.9 m in height.

Number of records found according to the nine possible criteria

To obtain the number of records per criteria, add the corresponding criteria as a parameter.


Method: POST

Search criteria

  • rechercheParNom
  • type
  • distancePlantationSecuritaire
  • zoneRusticite
  • forme
  • expositionLumiere
  • hauteur
  • largeur
  • humiditeSol

Additional information