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Aerial view of the Lac‑Mégantic microgrid; in the foreground, almost 1,700 solar panels on the roof of the sports center

The first electric microgrid in Québec

Not only am I the first islandable, neighborhood-sized electric microgrid in Québec, I’m still the only one! With my 2,200 solar panels, storage batteries, smart devices and centralized control system, I’m able to power part of the new Lac-Mégantic downtown core.

I’m like a life‑size, living laboratory. Thanks to me, technologies are being studied that will change the way energy is generated and consumed in Québec in the near future.

You’re probably wondering what an islandable microgrid is. Come see me to find out! You’ll learn everything about my design and construction, and about the buildings that are in the perimeter that I cover.

You’ll see—I’m very discreet! You’ll even have a hard time seeing me. Fortunately, our friendly and dynamic guides will be there to explain and show you where to look to see me. And it’s FREE!

After your tour, you’ll have a very different view of Lac‑Mégantic and of electricity!

Feast your eyes!

Have a look at these pictures to get a sneak peek of your guided tour.

Did you know?

Aerial view of downtown Lac-Mégantic.

Sunshine despite the long winter

Contrary to popular belief, Québec gets a lot of sunshine, especially in the south. In fact, it gets more sunshine than Germany does and about the same amount as Japan. These two countries are respectively in fifth and third place in terms of solar photovoltaic electricity generation.

Aerial view of solar panels on the roof of the multipurpose Concerto building.

A solar generating station on the roofs

My photovoltaic panels are on the roof of some downtown buildings. Out of 2,200 panels, 1,700 are on the roof of the Centre sportif Mégantic. They can supply enough energy to power 40 houses or cook 565,000 eggs!

View of the substation and the EVLO energy storage system.

Enormous batteries

Unlike hydroelectric generating stations, I don’t have a reservoir to store energy. Fortunately, Hydro‑Québec’s subsidiary, EVLO, provided me with enormous batteries that can store 600 kWh, the equivalent of nine 2022 Chevrolet Bolt batteries.

Sketch of the new fire station.

A solar fire station

The downtown fire station is the first in Québec to have solar panels on its roof. This new generation of panels has photovoltaic cells on both sides in order to capture the rays reflected by the roof and increase energy generation by 20% to 30%.

The microgrid lit up at night.

Bye-bye light pollution!

Lac-Mégantic is part of one of the first international dark sky reserves in the world, as are 34 other municipalities. A dark sky reserve is a place where public lighting is kept low at night to avoid light pollution and preserve the view of an exceptional starry sky.

My history

Officially inaugurated in 2021, I was built thanks to the close collaboration of Lac‑Mégantic and Hydro‑Québec. Here are some highlights of my history.

1885: Construction of the village of Mégantic

1907: Creation of the town of Mégantic following the merger of the villages of Mégantic and Agnès

1918: Collision of two trains in the town

1958: Mégantic becomes Lac‑Mégantic

2013: Train accident destroys the downtown core

You certainly remember that on July 6, 2013, a driverless train made up of 72 tank cars loaded with crude oil rolled down the slope leading to downtown Lac‑Mégantic. It derailed and the tank cars exploded, causing a fire that killed 47 people and destroyed most of the downtown core.

After the disaster, the town, with the help of its residents, turned to the future, wishing not only to rebuild the downtown core, but also to become a leader in energy transition.

At that time, Hydro‑Québec was looking to conduct research on new energy technologies. I am the result of their close collaboration.

Aerial view of Lac-Mégantic and the marina.

2018: Project is announced

The partners began to plan my construction so as to integrate it perfectly into the new downtown core. In 2019, Hydro‑Québec issued calls for proposals–to engineering firms in particular–to get the project rolling.

Lac-Mégantic Mayor Julie Morin during the announcement of the project.

2021: Inauguration of the microgrid

I was officially launched on July 6, 2021, eight years after the disaster that changed the town. And, since 2022, I’ve been welcoming the general public and showcasing the technological advances that will shape our energy future.

Dignitaries during the inauguration of the microgrid.

It’s well worth the trip!

We aren’t the ones to say so–the people who took a guided tour of the microgrid wrote to us saying this.

Visitors standing in front of the EVLO storage batteries.

Thank you for the tour of the microgrid! Seeing all this new technology and Lac‑Mégantic looking towards the future has rekindled my passion for Hydro.

Thanks to our guide for his kindness and generosity in sharing his passion for and pride in his magnificent town :)

A great tour with our guide! She answered all our many questions. The tour was very interesting! It was a nice addition to the many tours we’ve taken of Hydro‑Québec facilities.

A tour guide presents the interactive terminal under the multipurpose solar-powered covered structure.

Reservations and practical information

At a glance

Free admission

Reservations are recommended

Length of tour

About 50 minutes

Opening hours

From the end of June to the end of August

Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

From September to the beginning of October

Every saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

Departure point: Meet at the heritage railway station, then take the outdoor interpretation tour with our guides.

School tours offered in May and June

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Contact information

5490, rue Komery
Lac-Mégantic (Québec) G6B 2H1

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How to get there

Know before you go
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The microgrid tour takes place outdoors, on foot, over 800 metres. It is partially accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Minimum age

The tour is suitable for adults and school‑age children.

What to wear

We recommend that you wear flat, closed shoes. The tour takes place outdoors, so remember to dress accordingly!


  • Picnic tables

  • Free parking

  • Electric vehicle charging stations

  • Proximity to a bike path

  • Partial accessibility for people with reduced mobility

  • Restrooms

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Free admission

Tours are offered from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a departure every hour.

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