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A long history of guided tours

The public has always been curious about Hydro‑Québec’s hydroelectric facilities and construction sites. Join in the long tradition of guided tours of Québec’s hydropower generating stations!

Unique tourist attractions

Beauharnois, the pioneer

Even before Hydro-Québec was created, generating station owners invited people—especially from the business world and high society—to visit their facilities. This was also the case at Beauharnois generating station during its construction in 1930. A large number of people were interested in seeing this ambitious project’s colossal construction site.

With the first phase of the nationalization of electricity in 1944, Hydro-Québec carried on the tradition and, as the years went by, opened the doors to many of our generating stations.

Expo 67

At Expo 67, a live view of the Manic‑5 generating station’s construction site was broadcast on a giant screen. It truly was an impressive project! Just a few years later, more than 55,000 visitors had taken tours offered at nine of our hydropower facilities.

Baie-James [James Bay]: “The project of the century”

From 1975 to 1988, the Baie-James construction sites were in full swing. Despite the remoteness of Radisson, 80,000 people went there between 1976 and 1984 to visit the colossal construction project. The Giant’s Staircase, the immense underground generating station, the dams and the workers’ camps left a lasting impression on all those who saw them.

Continued interest

For the past forty years, several generations of guides have been welcoming the public to some 15 facilities. The Électrium, our electricity interpretation center and our Head Office Reception Center were opened to the public in the 1990s.

Close to 85,000 people visit our generating stations, dams and interpretation centers every year. Over time, they have become tourist attractions, sources of pride and places of learning.

Discover our facilities

Our guides: Passion and versatility

Our guides are the ones who make tours rewarding experiences. They’re delighted to share their knowledge on a host of topics, such as renewable energy, hydropower, the environment, the history of Hydro‑Québec and our facilities to make your tour a captivating one.

Educational, fun and interactive, our tours are designed to satisfy the curiosity of adults and children alike. There’s something for everyone ages 6 and up!

Are you interested in becoming a guide?

Every year, we hire some 100 university students to offer guided tours of our generating stations, interpretation centers and head office. The comprehensive training they receive comes through in the entertaining tours they lead.

These young people study in various fields and come from all regions of Québec. To apply, you need only meet these criteria:

  • Be a full-time student at a Québec university (bachelor’s or master’s underway)
  • Be curious, captivated by science and technology and skilled at popularizing their concepts
  • Be energetic and have good communication skills

A foot in the door

Many of our guides have gone on to pursue careers at Hydro-Québec, especially in engineering, law and communications, after having completed their studies.

Are you a student? Are you interested in becoming a guide? We recruit every year, mainly in February, March, August and September. Do you know a young person who meets the above criteria? Pass this information on to them!

A stimulating career is within reach!

School tours

Looking for an engaging and free field trip for your class? Guided tours of our generating stations and interpretation centers are a fun way to introduce your students to hydropower and renewable energies.

Find out more about our school tours

Virtual guided tours

We’d love to welcome you in person, but if your class or group can’t travel, why not take part in a real-time virtual tour? It’s almost as if you were there, so don’t miss it!

Find out more about our Vvirtual guided tours
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