School tours

Looking for an original and engaging field trip for your students?

Whether you want to introduce your class to hydropower generation and renewable energy, demystify electricity or discover a page from our history, the guided tours of our generating stations and interpretation centers are sure to interest you.

They are recommended for elementary cycle two students and tie in with the Québec Education Program. They are also suited to vocational training program and CEGEP students, and even university students.

Our tours are free, so don’t miss them!

Hydro‑Québec participates in the Culture in the Schools program – Science Culture component, which gives students the opportunity to visit various science organizations. The program partly covers the costs of your field trip, including transportation.

Discover our educational experiences

Offer your students a unique tour covering scientific, technical and historical topics. In the company of our guides, your students will get answers to (almost) all their questions about electricity. A captivating and rewarding experience!

Beauharnois Generating Station

In a class of its own since 1932!

Tour one of the largest hydropower generating stations in the world and learn how electricity is generated. Its architecture is sure to impress you!

See the event scheduleof Beauharnois Station

The Électrium

Learn about the nature of electricity

Discover the many aspects of electricity, renewable energy and much more with our fun and interactive guided tours. Simply electrifying!

See the event schedule of l'Électrium

Explore our other facilities

Most of our generating stations open to the public welcome school groups at certain times of the year, by reservation and subject to availability. Choose the tour that interests you and contact us for more information.

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Virtual guided tours

We love welcoming you in person, but if your class or group can’t travel, we offer an alternative that’s accessible to all—a real-time virtual tour! It’s almost as if you were there, so don’t miss it!

We are only offering the virtual tour of Beauharnois generating station at this time, but are preparing others for 2023. Stay tuned!

Find out more about our virtual tours

Our educational tools

We provide teachers with quality educational resources they can use to teach their students about various electricity-related concepts, such as sustainability, energy efficiency, the environment and safety. Explore our free offer!

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