To us, being part of the solution means working for the financial health and long-term operability of your assets with the same thoroughness and attention to profitability that have ensured our own success.

Éric Martel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hydro‑Québec

A partnership tailored to your needs

Hydro‑Québec’s investment model is designed for long-term strategic collaboration and offers many advantages over the usual approaches. Instead of playing a passive role or imposing our views and ways of doing things, we work hand in hand with our partners, always respectful of their management practices, to ensure their growth and success.

Investment principles

Before investing in a company, Hydro‑Québec performs a thorough assessment based on several principles. The investment must meet the following criteria:

  • Contribute to Hydro‑Québec’s financial objective of doubling its revenue by 2030
  • Involve assets with optimization potential, such that our return on investment can improve over time
  • Constitute a prudent investment
  • Be consistent with the principles of sustainable development
  • Offer a potential for long-term engagement in the target market
  • Call on key areas of expertise in hydroelectric generation or high-voltage transmission
  • Involve a partner or partnership already established in the host community
  • Be in a politically stable country with a viable economy and high standards of business ethics

Solid financial capacity

Hydro-Québec’s investment capacity rests on a solid foundation:

Unconditional debt guarantee by the Québec government (our sole shareholder)

Assets C$78.6 billion

Strict rules of governance, sound financial management, stable regulatory framework

Net income C$2.9 billion

Know-how with added value

Hydro‑Québec has developed exceptional expertise and many innovative technological solutions in its various areas of operation, first and foremost in power transmission and hydropower generation. Companies who choose us as a partner/investor gain access to our world‑renowned know‑how.